Songs From the Soil (2014)

by Phie Ambo

The colour composition of a yellow and black snail shell, the orange reflection in the lake against verdigris green duckweed, a red worm that protrudes from the black earth. Phie Ambo’s brand new and wordless film follows the passing of the seasons in a place that in spite of its natural wilderness is cultivated by humans – and where cows, earthworms, humans and plants are all protagonists. ‘Songs from the Soil’ was shot in connection with ‘Good Things Await’, and can here be experienced with a live choir, Theatre of Voices. A visual and musical narrative that challenges our experience of beauty and ugliness, and which might bring our consciousness somewhere else by focusing on all the things we don’t usually pay attention to, or maybe once did, before we learned to make our thinking and emotions more efficient in well-structured, rational paths.